How Video will Make You More Money and Increase Your Sales In 2014

by John Onorato

Thinking of the best way to promote your product? Use video. Statistics have shown again and again that it is far more engaging than still pictures or mere text. And it’s no secret that the better created a video is, the more professionally produced, the better sales you’re going to get from it.

The modern company stands to make a great deal of money, but only if it invests in the technology of today. One of today’s most vital technologies is video – who hasn’t seen their kids raptly watching some kind of programming on one of the major services like YouTube or Vimeo? Who hasn’t found an instructional broadcast to help them with a project? More people get benefit from visual learning than from instructional texts, so it’s no wonder that video has taken off like it has.

It’s also becoming apparent that the use of video is becoming a way to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Take your resume, for example. Everyone has sent a piece of paper to a hiring manager, who spends six seconds or less looking at it. Now that most resumes are sent electronically, that six second timeframe starts to look awfully generous.

But what if your resume stands out by having a professional picture attached? Better yet, what if that picture has an arrow on it indicating the presence of a short video, during which the recruiter can have a brief respite, taking a sip of water while they listen to a brief outline of your professional qualifications?

When they get another static slip of paper, another list of keywords – even if there are better credentials in the group of resumes they have to go through, which do you think is going to stand out in their memory?

Right. The one with the smartly produced video. The one with the higher bandwidth of information to present to the recruiter.

Looking at some hard facts about YouTube itself, we see that it’s backed by the might of Google, and is the 800-pound gorilla in the world of video. According to their public statistics page at, YouTube reaches more adults aged 18 to 34 than any cable network. YouTube offers niche programming people want to watch, and nothing they don’t. They’re not tied to the whims of any one network – they can make their own choices.

Thousands of video creators are earning six figures

As of December 2013, YouTube sees more than a billion unique visitors a month. That’s up from 490 million unique users worldwide per month in 2011. Those users spend over a 2.9 billion hours on YouTube in that month – over 325,000 man-years. And that’s counting the main site alone, not on any embedded programming or mobile viewing.

Video is where the money is going, too. Millions of video creators from around the globe are making money from their films, and thousands of those with major channels are earning six figures.

The equations are pretty simple – use of video means that customers will get more involved with your brand and your company. It means they’ll be more immersed with you as a people and a brand, and not just the entity they get their widgets from. Use of video puts a face on your company, which translates to more engagement with your company, and that ultimately means more revenue for you.

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