What You Can Expect Here

I’ve run blogs a few times before — here, for one, under a different name that I’ll tell you if you’re nice to me.  I have a Facebook page where I do more micro-writing than sharing, too.  Does that even count, though?

I also maintained a page on LiveJournal.com for a very long time.  I’m not sure why I quit that.  Maybe it got too clique-y, maybe I didn’t have time for it, maybe it was because the Russians bought it.  It would have been then that I felt the rushing water around me and I started wondering why I was in a bloody basket.

You’re welcome to try and find me any of these places.  It shouldn’t be hard.  And if you do, I’d love to know what you think of the old me.

As for what you can expect from this, the new me:  This blog is meant to be a showcase for my writing.  So the things I’ll be putting on here will be:

  • Short stories
  • Essays
  • Poetry (if I can get the formatting right)
  • Articles I’ve written about the:
    • Computer Graphics World
    • Telecommunications Industry
    • Relationships
    • Personal Networking
    • Other things that I might have forgotten
  • And pieces of my memoir project, or how I fared in my life after my traumatic brain injury.

Pictures?  Maybe.  I did those in my last WP journal, but I found them to be a pain in the ass.  And I’ll be honest:  I prefer the purity of text.

Movies?  Not bloody likely.

So if you want a whiz-bang fix … you’re welcome to visit someone else’s blog.  But then again, if you were, you likely wouldn’t have read this far.  So please be welcome here.

And please also feel free to offer comments.  I’m always looking to become a better writer:  He who thinks he knows everything knows nothing at all.